Storage Facility

Vintage Wine Warehouse offers a high quality, full service, temperature and humidity controlled, subterranean wine storage facility. Below ground level, the cellar is encased in 12 inches of poured concrete, creating and maintaining optimum wine cellaring conditions. The naturally perfect temperature and humidity levels are supplemented by 40 tons of water cooled refrigeration, guaranteeing that 55 degrees is maintained at all times throughout the year. This insures a stable environment – perfect for the aging of your valuable investment.

Our 1921 industrial concrete building was originally designed to store food perishables for United Grocers. The building offers a level of stability and sturdiness that cannot be reproduced in today’s world. The 12-inch thick concrete walls secure your wine and create a naturally perfect wine cellar.



Cases are protected in strictly limited access surroundings, by a state-of-the-art 24-hour, digitally recorded, multiplex camera network, and a central station that monitors burglar, fire and temperature alarms at all times. This ensures the protection, maintenance, and integrity of your valued wines for optimal enjoyment when that special occasion arrives.



The people working at our facility are wine enthusiasts who love wine and made a choice to be in the wine business. They have the knowledge and expertise to accurately inventory, monitor and store your collection, while giving you the personal, professional and courteous service that has become our signature. One hundred percent customer satisfaction is a goal that we maintain at all times.


Handling of Wine

Each and every box is handled individually with the utmost care. We do not move your wine unless you request it. When we move your wine it is only by hand. We do not use forklifts or other non-precise equipment. Wine is a delicate good that needs special handling and care. Our goal is to place your wine in an ideal environment and only move it when it goes on to your table for that special occasion.